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I'm happy to announce that my artwork is now available for purchase!
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This reel represents the culmination of my work as a student at the School of Visual Arts, having recently earned my BFA with Honors in Computer Animation and Visual Effects.

I am currently available for hire, and am interested in collaborating with talented artists to craft meaningful and compelling stories.

Reel Breakdown:

1. KIBURI - Director: The 3D animated short I created as my graduation film at SVA. I  conceived the story and directed a small team of artists responsible for the modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, and effects. I was responsible for the storyboards, animatic, previz animation and layout, most of the final animation and texturing/matte painting, and all of the lighting, rendering, and compositing. This film was created using Maya, Mudbox, Vray, Nuke, Photoshop, and After Effects. Watch the full film below!

2. AMULET - Previz/Layout Artist:  Through collaboration with the director, I was responsible for conceiving and implementing the cinematic staging, blocking, continuity, and timing of the film. Working from rough storyboards, I crafted the previz animation and camera layout to effectively move the narrative forward. Created using Maya.

3. BROTHER - Animation Supervisor: I was responsible for managing a small team of animators and collaborating with the director to craft sincere character performances, while utilizing a working knowledge of the principles of animation.  For this particular shot, I was responsible for the main character animation of "Brother," the humanoid robot. Created using Maya.

4. GIRAFFE - All Work: I designed this character and then modeled and rigged him using Maya, painted his textures using Mudbox, and utilized Vray to light and render the final sequence.

Music: 'August's Rhapsody' - August Rush (soundtrack)

The 3D animated short I created as my graduation film this year at SVA.
Synopsis: Separated from his family, a determined lion cub finds his way home with the help of an unexpected friend.
Created using Maya, Mudbox, Vray, Nuke, Photoshop, and After Effects.
Thank you to all of the artists and individuals involved who helped me bring this story to life!
To see more artwork from the film, please check out the "Projects" tab above.